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Today, many Roman Catholics do not  know what  official Roman Catholic teaching is or what it means to be called Catholic.  In light of this, many are unaware that  numerous contradictions exist between  the Bible and the Catholic faith. This web site has been designed to help you understand both Official Catholic teaching and the truth found in the Holy Bible.

We have integrated numerous video clips throughout this site to create a interactive learning experience for you. On the left of the screen, the pages have been organized topically so you may better navigate and investigate the various teachings of the Catholic Catechism and the contrast you will find with the Bible.

For ease of communication the textual references for information have been limited to the Official 1994 Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Authorized version of the Holy Bible. These two sources are readily available online as well as in most bookstores. The reader is invited to look up each topic in the context of the Scriptures as well as in the Catechism. We encourage your personal study and the exercising of your religious liberty. These topics are of grave concern and should be studied with all diligence. These are matters in which you are required to rest your eternal soul.

Every good Catholic wants to please God in this present life and, when life on earth is over, hopes to live with Him forever.  It is a noble goal based on your personal beliefs about God and how you seek to know Him.  But noble intentions and personal beliefs about God do not guarantee results, or eternal life.  It is my desire that you would do what many of us as Catholics have done before, make sure your beliefs have a solid foundation in the Bible. 

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Out of Atheism and Catholicism to True Salvation

Camille Jolly was born in Brittany France and raised in an atheistic family.  From early in her life she showed great talent in music and song.  As a teenager she began to have doubts regarding her families atheistic beliefs and became very interested in Roman Catholicism.  Because of her talent with Catholic Gregorian Chant, the Catholic Church welcomed her.  In 2013 she travelled to Benin  Africa to teach Gregorian chant. On her return to Paris, she began viewing our Berean Beacon Videos and those of Larry Wessels on the Internet.  In this video she explains her dynamic coming to biblical faith in Christ Jesus alone.