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Former Roman Catholic Priest, Henry Nowakowski's and Richard Bennett scrutinized the teachings of the Catholic Church as they both discuss their dedication to  the Catholic priesthood. Henry's seminary training and experience reveals much of the heart of Papal Rome. Very informative also was their joint analysis of the Vatican Council II. However, the highpoint of the interview was Henry Nowakowski's analyses of the contrast of God's sovereignty to Roman Catholic claim to the Pope's infallibility.

Former Priest is Biblically Saved

Richard Bennett clearly explains how, as a sincere Catholic Priest, the Lord Jesus Christ triumphed over him. Please make the URL of the video known to your fellow church members and your family and friends.

“Devout Convent Life to Conversion”

Jacqueline Kassar had spent 22 years as a nun in an enclosed convent dedicated to adoration, reparation and suffering, trying to appease the wrath of God.  She believed it was a nun’s calling to be a miniature savior of the world-like Jesus Christ.  Jacqueline tells her story with compassion for sincere Catholics who truly live Catholic teaching.     (Read More)

A Dialogue between

two Former Catholic Priests

Richard Bennett and Richard Cefalu, both formerly Roman Catholic Priest, discuss their love for the Scriptures and provide an insight into it's life changing power. These men were throughly trained in all things Catholic and had even put into practice the doctrines of Rome yet never fully understood the  true power of God.

“A Medical Nuns Story”

This is a natural and heartwarming discussion between former nun Lolly Harding and former priest Richard Bennett. Lolly had spent 13 years as a medical nun. However, she become disillusioned with the Catholic faith by the callous treatment of a  drug-addicted nun-surgeon. This is a story of Lolly’s  journey toward peace and reconciliation with God.    (Read More)

“Far From Rome Near To God”

Richard Bennett delivers his testimony of true biblical salvation.  It is a story of many years of searching for truth leading to his acceptance of the authority of Scripture alone and true Christianity.  Richard intertwines Bible verses with his story, clearly showing that salvation is found in Christ alone and not in any Church.        (Read More)

“A Bride of Christ”

Former Roman Catholic Nun, Mary Ann Pakiz, had been attracted to the Church thinking that she might best serve the Lord as a bride of Christ. Only to discover abnormal life and lesbianism within the convent.  Some of what Mary Ann has to say is very disturbing but it still must be made open as many thousands are deceived by convent living.      (Read More)

“A Priest but a Stranger to God”

Joseph Tremblay grew up in the Roman Catholic city of Quebec, Canada.  He was trained for the priesthood and eventually  worked as a Catholic missionary overseas.  One day while listening to a gospel message on the radio in South America, Joseph  embraced the true Gospel of grace.  It was in fulfillment of the scripture that says, “The hour is coming, and now is, when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God: and they that hear shall live.” (John 5:25) He came from darkness into light and for many years has had a tremendous ministry in Canada.     

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“Free Indeed”

Sandy Carson at the age of 44 had been a priest for 17 years. He was working in the very Catholic city of Rayville Louisiana.  He began to search the Scriptures to see if indeed what he was doing as a priest really helped people, however, the Scriptures had a remarkable effect on his own life,  he became “free indeed”.  In the years that followed, Sandy has worked as a missionary in Eastern European countries.  There in Orthodox and Catholic nations he has seen men and women come to the Lord,  and set free as well.   (Read More)

“From Jesuit to Jesus”

Bob Bush grew up Catholic in California and thought to be more devout by joining the Jesuit Order.  As a Jesuit priest, he was dedicated to Catholic sacraments and theology. In 1986, he met a fellow Jesuit priest, Victor Alfonso while serving in India. Together, they began to study the scriptures to find fulfillment for themselves and for those whom they were ministering to. After believing the Word of God, the turnaround in Bob life was remarkable. He soon left the Catholic Church and the priesthood for the sake of the Gospel. He now counsels and sees the Lord not only help people but most of all come to saving faith in Christ Jesus.     (Read More)

“A Medical Nun’s Story”

By Lolly Harding

My first path in the journey of life was as a Catholic medical missionary nun for thirteen years. However, it was the calloused treatment of a  drug-addicted nun/surgeon in the Catholic Medical Missionary Order that caused me, a dedicated nun, to become disillusioned. This is my story and the three torturous paths I took on my journey toward peace and reconciliation with God. 

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“From Bondage to Freedom”

Mary Allen spent 26 years as a Nun. She gives a personal and very descriptive account of her long life in the convent. Her coming to true Christian salvation many years after convent life is fascinating.   (Read More)

“I Had Never Heard the True Gospel”

Irish Roman Catholic nun, Peggy O’Neill, served as a sister in a religious order for almost fifty years. During that time, she had never heard the true Gospel. When it comes to the Gospel there can be no compromise, because the Gospel is the power of God for salvation. 

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“The Lord’s Providential Call by Fire”

After years of devoted religion as a Catholic nun in Brazil, Carmen Da Mota found true rest in the Lord.

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“Finding True Freedom in Christ”

The story of Nancy Holman

Like any teenager, the dream of my life was to have a family and home of my own.  I attended public school during the week and catechism class on Saturdays.  A Franciscan Order of sisters taught the catechism, and one sister in particular played an important part in my life.  She invited me to join her in celebrating her twenty-five years of dedication.  Little did I know that this was a fork in the road that would bring about radical changes in my life.    (Read More)

“A Mission to Catholics”

Bart Brewer grew up in a traditional Catholic family, so devout as to attend mass each day. Bart was educated and ordained as a carmelite priest. After many years serving as a parish priest, Bart applied and was commissioned as a naval chaplain. During this time, Bart’s mother who had been searching in the Scriptures for the truth to life, was having a tremendous  influence on him. Bart began his own study into the Scriptures and had a mighty turnaround from darkness to light in Christ Jesus. Soon Bart left the Catholic Church and the priesthood to organize a “Mission to Catholics”, which has been a tremendous encouragement to believers in different parts of the world.      (Read More)

“The Way Made Clear for Joseph Cherucheril”

After years of traveling the road set before him from birth, the words of Jesus, “I am the way, the truth and the life” (John 14:6), put Joseph on a completely new path.  Joseph was born in India and raised Catholic and eventually ordained into the priesthood. For years Joseph blindly carried on the traditions of his birth religion. While groping in the darkness of deception the scriptures began to shine a light of uncompromising truth into his soul.     (Read More)

“Ritualism to real life in Christ”

Dominic Stockford is from the United Kingdom where his parents converted to Catholicism.  He grew up as a cradle Catholic and devoutly lived all the Catholic sacraments.  In his training for the priesthood there was an emphasis on performing the sacraments and ceremonies but he was never trained to preach.  In his six years as a priest he was quite unfulfilled and began to search the scriptures.  His testimony is fascinating at it shows the coming out of ritualism into the life of Christ Jesus with all its power.  He is now a married and a Pastor preaching the gospel and seeing people come to the Lord.  (Read More)

“Transformed by the Grace of God”

Nino Terelli grew up in France and entered the monastery to begin training for the priesthood when he was 11 years old.  He was extremely Roman Catholic and very devout.  His duties as a priest led him to work in Rome, Italy.  His search in the scriptures for true meaning to life brought a profound change. After thirty-one years of Catholicism, Nino left the priesthood and the Church of Rome.  His testimony in English and French is greatly admired.  He is now in his late 80’s and continues to evangelize and is an inspiration to all who contacted him.     (Read More)